Silk Scrunchies

Scrunchies have officially made a comeback! Wild, right? These ultra-luxe Silk Scrunchies are perfect for everyday ponytails, buns and even nights out on the town! We love sleeping with them because they do not frizz your hair. 

Perfect for wearing on your wrist when your hair doesn't need to be up, giving your bun extra volume and creating a perfectly chic throwback ponytail look.

Choose One:

1 Black Silk Scrunchie

1 Peach Silk Scrunchie 

1 Tan Silk Scrunchie

1 Leopard Spot Chiffon Scrunchie 

Scrunchie Size + Details:
3 inches in diameter across the entire scrunchie
1 inch wide where the elastic runs through

^ The Silk Scrunchies are smaller in width than our classic scrunchie design. 

Read My Ode to Scrunchies Blog Post. 

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