Pepper Wire Headband

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The Pepper Riveting Wire Headband is simply a show stopper. Made out of thick and beautiful cotton blend fabric that sits well on the head. Not only is it a playful effortless hair accessory, but it contains a plastic coated wire that allows you to channel your inner 'Rosie the Riveter' with ease. This handmade beauty will stay put for hours and will not give you a "headband headache".

Ideas on How to Wear:
See the third image for ideas and images of our favorite ways to style this headband. We love rocking it as a turban, "bunny ears", a rose knot or a traditional bandana. The options are endless!


Material Information:
100% Cotton - Thick Linen Blend 
Light Weight Flexible Wire

Length – 33”
Width – 3.5”

Handwash if necessary with cool water and mild soap. Lay flat to dry.

Pro Tip:
For best results, straighten and unkink the wire each time before styling.

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