Grab Bag Hair Tie Package


10 Totally Random Hair Ties 

They might be tie dye. They might be print. They might be solid. They will most likely be a mix, however the breakdown isn't fixed. You get what you get. I justify the random nature of this package by offering a deeply discounted price. Think of this package as a special surprise from Mane Message, like a birthday present.

The first image is an example of 3 different random Grab Bag Hair Tie Packages. 

*you will not receive any holiday specific hair ties or niche prints*

Over the last few months I've been collecting hair ties around the office that are either left over from the days work or are not up to Mane Message's traditional aesthetic standards. All hair ties in this listing are still 100% usable and are lovely in their own way.

The hair ties are either overstock or are not completely perfect. What I mean by this is the hair tie might have low saturation on the tie dye pattern, the knot was tied a bit too tight, there's a weird crease in the elastic, etc.

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