Circle Barrette

About the Shield Barrettes:

Mane Message founder, Olivia Hayward, is always thinking about new ways to pull back her curly hair. She found herself craving a bold hair accessory that could be worn casually while working from home or out on the town. Inspired by geometric shapes, a few trips to the art museum and the Mane Message motto of "transforming everyday objects into things of meaning and beauty" these brass barrettes were born.   

Creation Process:

Handmade in the USA. The Shield shapes are hand cut and filed from sheet metal. The barrettes are attached carefully using custom rivets. 


Made in France Barrettes + Brass



Shield Size: 2.5" x 1.5"

Barrette Size: 1.5" 

How to Care for the Shield Barrettes:

The Shield Barrettes are created out of brass, which will naturally patina over time. We believe this creates a beautiful effect that shows off how you've worn the piece and blends wonderfully with your hair. See image 3 for an example of how the barrettes will look after wear/exposure to air.  

Not a fan of the patina? Simply store in a sealed bag when not wearing. You can also polish the brass with DIY cleaning methods to bring the brass back to its gold and shiny starting point. 

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