Black Galaxy Tie Dye Wire Headband

Black Galaxy Tie Dye Wire Headband is made out of a beautiful ice tie dyed fabric. This fabric was dyed in small batches and sewn all in the USA by women makers. 

Not only is it a playful effortless hair accessory, but it contains a light weight wire that allows you to channel your inner 'Rosie the Riveter' with ease. This handmade beauty will stay put for hours and will not give you a "headband headache". 

PLEASE NOTE: That these headbands are all slightly different in color and patterns due to the handmade nature of the ice tie dye process. The Black Galaxy color has some marbled rainbow dots throughout the dye. 


Material Information:
100% Cotton Fabric 
Light Weight Flexible Wire

Length – 33”
Width – 3.5”

Hand wash if necessary with cool water and mild soap. Lay flat to dry.

Pro Tip:
For best results, straighten the wire each time before styling.

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