Black and White Daisy Scrunchie

Scrunchies have officially made a comeback! Wild, right?

Mane Message's take on the traditional scrunchie is to make them out of vintage fabric. The Black and White Daisy Scrunchie is made out of a silky soft fabric from the 1950s. This fabric features a beautiful and super unique daisy print that will look adorable on your wrist or in up in your hair. This small accessory packs a punch and is ready for ALL your adventures.

Perfect for wearing on your wrist when your hair doesn't need to be up, giving your bun extra volume and creating a perfectly chic throwback ponytail look.

EXTREMELY limited quantities because of the RARE nature of the vintage fabric used to create this scrunchie.

Scrunchie Size + Details:
5 inches in diameter across the entire scrunchie.
2.5 inches wide where the elastic runs through an independently sewn channel that adds an additional level of quality and construction.

Curious about this collection's origin story? Read My Ode To Scrunchies Blog Post. 

The last two photographs are not of the Black and White Daisy Scrunchie. They are included to show off the scrunchie's scale on a wrist and up in a bun.

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