Wholesale Ordering Information

News and Updates:

For color customization Mane Message is now requiring a minimum of 5 units per color combination. 

Current Production Time (on orders less than 1,000 units): 3- 4 business days plus shipping. 


Current Colors Available for Mane Message Wholesale Orders:

Colors are subject to change based on inventory levels. Please check this list before each reorder. 
Photographs of the colors can be found within the product photographs in my shop



Mane Message has designed custom patterns for our hair ties. 
We now offer:
Holly Print
Snowflake Print
Anchor Print
Neapolitan Stripe
Nautical Stripe
Breathe Print
Strength Print
Clarity Print
Fox Print
Dark Floral Print
Chevron Print
Floral Print
Bow Print
Arrow Print

Solid Colors:

Bright Solid Colors:

Warm Tones:

  • Red
  • Ruby Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Mustard Yellow


Cool Tones:

  • Turquoise
  • Mint 
  • Dark Teal

Shades of Green:


  • Lime Green
  • Green
  • Spearmint
  • Emerald Green (exact Pantone match for the color of the year)
  • Olive

Shades of Blues:

  • Light Blue
  • Blue
  • Royal Blue


Shades of Purple:

  • Purple 
  • Lavender
  • Lilac


Shades of Pink:

  • Light Pink
  • Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Blush

Neutral Solid Colors:

Dark Neutrals:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • Steal Grey
  • Coal
  • Navy Blue
  • Mushroom
  • Olive Green 
  • Plum

Light Neutrals:

  • Tan
  • Cream
  • Champagne
  • Peach
  • White

Tie Dye Colors:

Bright Tie Dye Colors:

Pink Based Colors:

  • Pink and White
  • Light Pink and White
  • Light Pink and Pink
  • Yellow and Pink
  • Light Blue and Pink
  • Pink and Purple
  • Pink and Orange

Blue, Mint and Turquoise Based Colors:

  • Blue and White
  • Blue and Light Pink
  • Mint and Pink
  • Mint and Purple
  • Turquoise and White
  • Turquoise and Blue
  • Turquoise and Pink
  • Turquoise and Lime Green
  • Teal and White
  • Aqua and White


Yellow, Orange and Red Based Colors:

  • Yellow and White
  • Orange and White
  • Red and White
  • Burgundy and White

Green Based Colors:

  • Green and White
  • Green and Blue
  • Green and Lime Green
  • Pink and Lime Green
  • Purple and Lime Green
  • Forest Green and White


Purple Based Colors:

  • Purple and White
  • Blue and Lavender
  • Light Pink and Purple
  • Fuchsia and Lavender
  • Lavender and Purple
  • Violet and White

Dark Tie Dye Colors:

Grey Based Colors:

  • Grey and White
  • Yellow and Grey
  • Lime Green and Grey
  • Green and Grey
  • Light Pink and Grey
  • Dark Grey and Grey
  • Mint and Grey
  • Pink and Grey


Black Based Colors:

  • Mushroom and Black
  • Black and White


Navy Based Colors:

  • Navy and White
  • Grey and Navy

Brown Based Colors:

  • Tan and Brown
  • Blue and Brown
  • Brown and White


Cadet Blue Based Colors:

  • Green and Cadet Blue
  • Purple and Cadet Blue
  • Navy and Cadet Blue


Glitter Elastic:

(priced the same as tie dye products - minimum of 10 units per color)
  • Silver Glitter Elastic
  • Gold Glitter Elastic
  • Black Glitter Elastic
  • Burgundy Glitter Elastic - limited
  • Rose Glitter Elastic
  • Pink Glitter Elastic - limited 
  • Teal Glitter Elastic

Patterned Elastic:

(priced the same as tie dye products)
  • Red and White Polka Dot Elastic
  • Leopard Print Elastic
  • Chevron*
  • Floral*
  • Bow*
  • Arrow*
  • Fox*
  • Dark Floral*
  • Breathe*
  • Strength*
  • Clarity*
  • Snowflake*
  • Holly*
  • Neapolitan Stripe*
  • Nautical Stripe*
  • Anchor*
*Mane Message's custom designed patterns

Rhinestone Hair Ties:

Are available in all color options listed above (minus the glitter elastic). Please contact me for a quote and minimums.