Vintage All Star Barrettes

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These rare Vintage All Star Barrettes are a bright and playful way to transform your everyday hairdo into a statement. These vibrant metal hair clips are rare vintage finds and were made in France around the 1960s.  

Color Options (from Top to Bottom in the second image): Red, Pink, Yellow, Teal, Navy

Age: 1970 and 1980

Origin:  Made in France (marked on back)

Material: Metal

Size: 2.5" x 2.5" (see 3rd image for scale)

Condition: Rare Vintage 'Old New Stock'  - Meaning this hair clip is vintage, but has never been worn/used. 

Mane Message's founder Olivia Hayward has curated a collection of rare vintage hair accessories that were made in France. Supplies are limited and can be viewed here

*as seen on A Clothes Horse's Instagram account* *as seen on Kaylyn Weir - photo credit to Hello Miss Lovely


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