The Boho Package

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The Boho Package includes six of Mane Message's signature tie dye hair ties. 

Mane Message hair ties are made out of elastic, which makes them soft and stretchy. They also double as bohemian-chic bracelets when your hair doesn't need to be up.

The colors and quantities that come in this package are:

1 Green and Blue Tie Dye Hair Tie
1 Pink and Lavender Tie Dye Hair Tie (DIFFERENT THAN PHOTO)
1 Teal and White Tie Dye Hair Tie 
1 Yellow and Pink Tie Dye Hair Tie
1 Purple and White Tie Dye Hair Tie
1 Mint and Pink Tie Dye Hair Tie

Photographs of models do not feature colors in this package.
Please read Mane Message's policies before ordering.


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