Rust Laurel Barrette

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Mane Message collaborated with ShopMalCreates to create this gorgeous Rust Laurel Barrette made out of polymer clay.

Information on the Creation Process:
Polymer clay is actually not clay at all. It's technically a form of plastic, which is why finished pieces are flexible and so lightweight! This is why polymer clay is perfect for making hair accessories and jewelry. 

Each of these clips is completely handmade by ShopMalCreates. She custom mixes her own clay colors, 3D prints her own shape cutters, and creates every stamp to imprint the shapes. This gives her complete control over the quality! Mallory's floral designs require so much attention because she uses clay and paint to create every tiny detail you see. It's so worth it, in the end!

Size: 3.5” x 2”

Backing: Spring Back Barrette in a Silver Finish 

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