The Mini Solid Hair Tie Package

Are you seeking out hair ties that are smaller than the average? 

Perhaps you have thin hair or small wrists and Mane Message Classic Hair Ties are too big for you. Maybe you are purchasing hair ties for a young child that requires not only a smaller hair tie, but a soft and gentle one that will not pull their hair. Mane Message's Mini Hair Ties will be perfect for all of these needs. 

Mane Message's Mini Hair Ties are a few inches smaller than the Classic Hair Ties and are perfect for finishing off braids or your 4-year-old's pigtails.

This Package Includes:

10 Assorted Mini Solid Hair Ties

Regarding Color:

Each package features an assortment of Mane Message's most popular colors and are complied with current fashion trends in mind. 

This package is not customizable. If you are interested in a custom assortment please email Mane Message for a personalized quote. 

About Mane Message Hair Ties:

Mane Message's tie dye hair ties are gentle on your skin and hair, but are extremely effective when it comes to keeping your hair up and out of your face for long amounts of time.

The second image demonstrates the size difference between Classic and Mini Hair Ties. 

Please read Mane Message's policies before ordering.


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