The Good Luck Hair Tie Package

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The Good Luck Hair Tie Package features four-leaf clovers, horseshoes and fingers crossed symbols to help generate lucky vibes. Perfect for days when you need good fortune on your side.

Grab a pack for yourself or a loved one as a gift before a big day.

The print hair ties featured in this package were designed by Hannah Childs of Style Stock. Check out her equestrian accessory company:

Mane Message hair ties are made out of elastic, which makes them soft and stretchy. They also double as bohemian-chic bracelets when your hair doesn't need to be up.

The colors and quantities that come in this package are:

1 Horseshoe Print Hair Tie
1 Black Solid Color Hair Tie
1 Four Leaf Clover Print Hair Tie
1 Coal Solid Color Hair Tie
1 Fingers Crossed Print Hair Tie
1 Grey Solid Color Hair Tie

Please read Mane Message's policies before ordering.

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