The Bright Marbled Hair Tie Package

The Bright Marbled Package includes six hand marbled and digitally reproduced Mane Message hair ties.

Founder, Olivia Hayward, first created the prints on these hair ties by marbling a piece of white paper. Transfixed by the intricate design that the marbling process made she thought it would make compelling and stunning hair ties. After a high resolution scan and color editing in Photoshop she created the marbled texture printed on the hair ties in this package. Read the full blog post about Olivia's process here

Mane Message hair ties are made of soft, stretchy elastic. When your hair isn't up, they also double as bohemian-chic bracelets.

Your exclusive hair tie package includes:
1 Deep Ocean Marble Print Hair Tie
1 Cantaloupe Solid Hair Tie
1 Orange Desert Marble Print Hair Tie
1 Radiant Orchid Hair Tie
1 Tide Marble Print Hair Tie

1 Blue Hair Tie

Photographs of model do not feature colors in this package.

Please read Mane Message's policies before ordering.

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