An Ode to the Scrunchie | Mane Message Vintage Fabric Scrunchies

April 30, 2018 1 Comment

My 22-year-old sister has been insisting for ages that I design a collection of scrunchies.

Apparently they are making a fierce comeback on her college campus. For months I would just laugh it off every time she brought it up. I would always blame my resistance on the fact that I remember the original rise and fall of the scrunchie.

She wouldn't let it go. The straw that broke the camel's back was when she started ditching her classic Mane Message hair ties for scrunchies that she was buying from the drug store.  

Once that happened, I knew that I needed to create a scrunchie line. However, they had to have a Mane Message twist...
I knew instantly that I wanted to work my love for vintage fabric and happy uplifting patterns into the Mane Message scrunchie design. This meant that I needed to go on an extensive "treasure hunt" looking for yardage of vintage fabric. I found fabric from the 1940s-80s. A task that was no easy feat and makes each scrunchie style extremely rare and limited edition.

I did a lot of research and prototyping to create the perfect size scrunchie. I wanted the design to create a beautiful visual impact when your hair is up, but also look darling when wearing it on your wrist.

My seamstress brought this vision to life by sewing a separate channel into the scrunchie where the elastic comfortably sits. A unique feature that adds an extra element of quality and construction. 

Yes, I am very aware that the scrunchie is a polarizing fixture in the hair accessory world. Heck, I created an entire business on selling the "anti-scrunchie".

A funny thing happened halfway through my prototyping process, I came around on the scrunchie. I embraced the comeback. I started to get obsessed with them.

I love the way the feminine fabric looks when I put my hair up in a side ponytail. Also, how it gives extra volume to my top knot. I especially LOVE rocking them to yoga class. 

I quickly learned that scrunchies are fun. Plain and simple. The vintage fabric is incredible, too. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of my small business! I went WAY outside my comfort zone and was the model in the photographs for this collection. I'm working on branding my YouTube channel and starting a new personal website. 

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