HBO Girls + Mane Message Statement Hair Clips

May 13, 2015

mane message vintage french barrettes inspired by hbo girls hair accessories

Before I discovered our line of vintage French hair clips I had already started day dreaming about creating a line of statement barrettes inspired by the hair styles in HBO Girls.

Shoshanna from HBO Girls rocking a wiener dog hair clip

*Shoshanna rocking a wiener dog hair clip*

If you want Girls then you know that all the characters regularly rock bold hair accessories (especially Shoshanna + Hannah) and it's pretty freaking amazing.

*Rebecca of The Clothes Horse rocking our Yellow Vintage Bird Barrette*

The timing of meeting the antique dealer who supplied me with the inventory of vintage barrettes was one of the most 'meant to be' moments of my life. I had already started sketching + brainstorming ideas for a line of Mane Message hair clips in a similar style. I felt so lucky to have found the vintage treasures. I seriously had to pinch myself. 

*Hannah from HBO Girls wearing an glasses shaped hair clip*

The styles of our vintage barrettes could easily be imaged within an episode of HBO Girls. It's kind of uncanny actually. Again, I am so grateful to have found the barrettes. 

*Jo from Lost in the Haze sporting our All Star Vintage Barrettes*

I'm really excited to begin working on producing a line of vintage inspired hair clips. It's an entirely new world for me. I'm used to working with elastic, fabric and dye. Collaborating with an industrial designer is so foreign. Extremely exciting! though! I can't wait to share more as we move forward. I love challenging myself like this.