Ways to Rock our Wire Headbands

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Olivia Hayward | 2 Comments

I made a video tutorial on different ways to rock our Wire Headbands. If you've seen Mane Message at a craft fair chances are you've seen me do this demo in-person. You can do so many different styles with these headbands. It's versatile, fun and as you can see easy! 
Let me know what you think of this video tutorial!
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Planning a Photo Shoot

Posted on March 17, 2016 by Olivia Hayward | 0 Comments

When planning a photo shoot you will get a handful of stellar images that are show stoppers. Here are some images from past Mane Message photo shoots that have done just that. I have used these images in promotional materials, online branding and social media. Extremely valuable and makes the effort of planning a photo shoot well worth it!

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Collaboration with Painter "My Friend Court"

Posted on March 07, 2016 by Olivia Hayward | 0 Comments

We have collaborated with visual artist and blogger Courtney from My Friend Court to create this on-trend fun patterned hair tie package. 

These graphic and playful prints started as paintings that we reproduced onto the hair tie elastic. Seriously, how cute are these? We are thrilled we were able to collaborate with Court. She's amazing! 





Craft Fair Booth Setup

Posted on March 07, 2016 by Olivia Hayward | 0 Comments

Urban Air Craft Fair in SF. Lil Ramona helped me setup.
Founder Olivia Hayward and her puppy Ramona @ Urban Epic Fest - SF - Nov 2015
Olivia and her sister working SF Renegade - July 2015
Customer Phoebe shopping for her vintage barrette @ Seattle Renegade Craft Fair - August 2015. 
View from Urban Air Market - December 2015
Marble Slabs + Indigo Tie Dye + Hair Pins + Vintage Goodies
Setup in Seattle for Renegade Craft Fair - December 2015
Everything packed neatly away in two bags. Perfect for traveling! 

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Renegade Craft Fair Schedule

Posted on May 29, 2015 by Olivia Hayward | 0 Comments

I'm hitting the road with Renegade Craft Fair + Mane Message this summer! 

This has been on my small business bucket list for YEARS and I'm so thrilled the time is finally right. We will be featuring our vintage barrettes, hair ties and wire headbands (in NEW colors). Can't wait to share traveling stories and the process with you. 

Now please excuse me. I need to make my booth setup and inventory! 
Come say hello to me in your city + grab a free hair tie! 

Chicago - The Hideout - June 27 + 28
San Francisco - Fort Mason - July 18 + 19
Portland - Rejuvenation - July 25 + 26
Seattle - Magnuson Park - August 1 + 2

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Hand Marbled Hair Ties

Posted on May 29, 2015 by Olivia Hayward | 0 Comments

Creating The Bright Marbled Hair Tie Package was extremely fun and allowed me to tap into my inner digital artist. This side of myself has been ignored a bit since I graduated from college in 2011. I'm happy I allowed myself to have a "fun" project because I love how these hair ties turned out. 

The process of making these bold and intricate hair ties was very different from how I normally create Mane Message's printed elastic. These prints began as an analogue marbled piece of paper that was created the old fashion way. I went to the art supply store and bought the supplies for marbling and swirled around the dye in Methocel to create an elaborate and abstract design. 

After the marbling of the paper was done I scanned. In Photoshop I modified the colors and selected my favorite details from the print. You can see that that the original colors of the marbled paper were a bit obnoxious. I played with the color channels to create a dreamy desert inspired palette

I think the best part was creating the individual strips that would become the printed elastic. Cropping and rotating the huge marble print to make little vignettes was extremely fun. I made the strips a bit longer than the amount of elastic needed for each hair tie so their will be more variety and irregularity, which is similar to our tie dye hair ties


After I created the final files I sent them off to the elastic printers and the rest is history. Pretty neat, right? Too cool not to share. Normally I'm pretty tight lipped about the creation process of my hair ties because of 'copycats', but I think the story of these hair ties is part of what makes them so different. I hope you agree!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions. Marbling is a bit complicated, but totally worth it. It's very relaxing to be honest! If you're a crafter you should add it to your list of things to try out. 

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HBO Girls + Mane Message Statement Hair Clips

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mane message vintage french barrettes inspired by hbo girls hair accessories

Before I discovered our line of vintage French hair clips I had already started day dreaming about creating a line of statement barrettes inspired by the hair styles in HBO Girls.

Shoshanna from HBO Girls rocking a wiener dog hair clip

*Shoshanna rocking a wiener dog hair clip*

If you want Girls then you know that all the characters regularly rock bold hair accessories (especially Shoshanna + Hannah) and it's pretty freaking amazing.

*Rebecca of The Clothes Horse rocking our Yellow Vintage Bird Barrette*

The timing of meeting the antique dealer who supplied me with the inventory of vintage barrettes was one of the most 'meant to be' moments of my life. I had already started sketching + brainstorming ideas for a line of Mane Message hair clips in a similar style. I felt so lucky to have found the vintage treasures. I seriously had to pinch myself. 

*Hannah from HBO Girls wearing an glasses shaped hair clip*

The styles of our vintage barrettes could easily be imaged within an episode of HBO Girls. It's kind of uncanny actually. Again, I am so grateful to have found the barrettes. 

*Jo from Lost in the Haze sporting our All Star Vintage Barrettes*

I'm really excited to begin working on producing a line of vintage inspired hair clips. It's an entirely new world for me. I'm used to working with elastic, fabric and dye. Collaborating with an industrial designer is so foreign. Extremely exciting! though! I can't wait to share more as we move forward. I love challenging myself like this. 

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