Mane Message was created by college student Olivia Hayward in Santa Barbara, California. Mane Message began as a creative outlet, but quickly took off and became Olivia's full time job. 

In the beginning Olivia ran Mane Message out of her teeny dorm room at Pitzer College. During her time as a crafting college student she learned the importance of motivation, self discipline and time management. She discovered that there is nothing better than being self employed and passionate about your job. After juggling school and Mane Message, she graduated in May 2011 with a B.A. in Media Studies, a minor in Studio Art and her very own small business. 

Olivia now spends her days running Mane Message full time. She works from home out of her turn-of-the-century Berkeley apartment. Recently, she's put together a small team of helpers, all of which are college students, that help keep Mane Message running smoothly. Olivia is currently working on expanding Mane Message's product line and is loving every moment of it. 
Olivia blogs about her daily life running Mane Message here